Home Decorating – Finding a Start to the Madness

Whenever you think of home decorating what comes to mind? If you’re anything like me you probably get a headache just thinking about it. Where do you start and what is the most important thing to look at when home decorating.

Is it repainting the walls, or putting up some new wall paper? I don’t know about you, but wall paper is something I try to stay clear of. Anytime someone mentions wall paper I get a flash back from the 60’s or 70’s. Wall paper has depreciated over the years and isn’t something that appeals to a lot of people anymore.

On the other hand a good paint job can make a big difference to your overall look and is definitely something you should consider when home decorating.

Another very interesting and awesome thing to do is wall hangings. A portrait or a wall mirror can make a big difference to a bare wall. You can also try and paint a design on the wall for an added touch that goes over quite well most of the time.

Potted plants are a real nice addition in a sunny area and are often used to fill an empty space in a room. You can even use artificial plants for the same effect without the added headache of watering them and taking care of them on a regular basis. Though a live plant does more than just decorate your home it helps to absorb toxins as well as create oxygen for you to breath.

New furniture can add a real bonus to a well designed room and will give it a lot more value in resale. Area rugs can give a nice touch also. In the end you need to assess how much it will cost you and try to figure out if the home decorating you are doing will be worth the money you spend on it.

The real trick is to keep within your budget and only do the things that give you the most value with the most benefit in how nice it looks. After all if you plan on living in your home you are going to have to put up with whatever you decide to do so make sure you like it before you actually go out and do it.