Home Decorating Made Simple

Believe it or not you have what it takes to do your own home decorating. All it takes is a little knowledge and some guided know – how and you are on your way.

To make this system even more fun, recruit a friend or family member to help.

So get your paper and pencil ready, grab you decorating buddy and let’s get started with this home decorating made simple, 2 step strategy.

This strategy works best when you choose one room at a time and then finish it completely before getting started on another. By trying to take on too many rooms too quickly will cause you to feel overwhelmed and exhausted before you even get started. Take your time with 1 room at a time, approaching it as if it is your only room in the house.

Step number 1 to Home Decorating Made Simple:

Leave the furniture, but everything else in the room needs to be removed. Remove all your personal items. That means everything; pictures, linens, area rugs, pillows, electronics, lamps, artwork, books, silk flower arrangements and throws. Everything must go – even your window treatments, if they are not too elaborate.

Step Number 2 to Home Decorating Made Simple:

Now that there is nothing left in the the room but your basic furniture. Stand at each corner of the almost bare room and really take a look at the space. Take notice of what you see, and more importantly what you do not see. Think about trying new angles for the furniture, a diagonal placement or pulling that sofa away from the wall? Maybe you will want to get rid of a few pieces of furniture that no longer fit or simply clutter up the space.

Be open at this point to:

– Give the room a fresh coat of paint. If not the entire wall how about 1 accent wall or a new color for your window sills and base boards.

– Leave out more of the stuff you removed rather than filling up every nook and cranny again

– Introduce a few new accents that will pull out different colors from the furniture fabrics or favorite painting.

Now, with the room down to the basics it’s time to “see” those fresh possibilities and its renewed decorating potential.

Once you’ve spent some time using your empty room as a muse, grab a paper and pencil and begin making a list of possible room changes. What other items can be relocated into different rooms in the home, exchange one for the other, remove and reuse to home decorating made simple with dazzle.

Asian Home Decorating: Here’s How To Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Home

If you’re thinking about Asian home decorating, then you’ve come to the right place.

Anyone who truly wants to upgrade the appearance of their dwelling will be interested in the following paragraphs. There is no more cost-effective way beautify your home than to incorporate Asian themes into your decorating strategy. We will specifically focus on the 3 rooms in your house that can be dramatically enhanced with Asian home decorating.

Asian Home Decorating In the Bedroom:

Oriental furnishings seem to exude a sense of romantic adventure, so what better place to use these decorating ideas than in the bedroom? There are simple items such as candles that can have a dramatic effect in the room, both visually and from its aroma. Adding some sort of rice paper covering on all windows is another great idea that can match the typical earth tones of oriental wall decor. It is important to reduce clutter as much as possible in order to maintain the Asian atmosphere. Therefore we recommend the use of one or more standalone screens throughout the room than can hide such unwanted sights as piles of dirty clothes.

Asian Home Decorating In the Bathroom:

The relaxing characteristics of Asian home decorating become very beneficial in this room. You should consider painting the walls in earthtones, and add a few pieces of Asian artwork on the walls such as calligraphy, and perhaps an Asian fan or two. Fountains are also a nice touch here as they add an additional element of tranquility and grace. We also recommend that clutter be kept to a minimum as it distracts from the ambiance that you are trying to create. In addition, candles are a nice touch in that they supply a soft lighting source, and can help to mask unpleasant odors.

Asian Home Decorating In the Dining Room:

This is perhaps the room that offers the most variety of options when considering a decorating strategy. In addition to ideas presented for the other rooms in the house (such as earth tone walls, candles, rice paper window shades, etc) the dining room can also include meal-related items. For example, we recommend using Asian-inspired place mats with mythical beasts, pictures of Korea, Japan, China etc, along with various examples of calligraphy. Of course these mats can be rotated from time to time in order to create a new ambiance. In addition, additions such as chopsticks, Asian dishes, and oriental teas sets create even more of an eastern-style atmosphere.